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Question On Belts Squealing

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My 05 Outback has developed a high pitched belt squealing when first starting and idling, The belts were supposedly replaced when I first purchased it in march, and as Ive just moved to South Dakota Im wondering if its just the cold that has something to do with it or if its something that I really need checked out. Any advice would be great thanks
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Need to know what engine you're talking about - is this an H6 or H4?

"belts were replaced" - which ones?
unclear what vehicle/engine you own but the 4 cylinder has 3 different belts. the possibility exists that they ***did*** replace belt(s), but belts are still making the noise (ones that weren't replaced).

Are the serpentine belts cracked? Look at the belts or post pictures of them for us to look at.

How many miles?
Have you checked power steering fluid level?
adjust the belt tension, tighten it if it needs it. that's probably all it is.
are those belts new? new belts often need stretched or tension is a little off, adjustment is normal shortly after.

there are other possibilities but that's the most likely by far so start there.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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