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3.6R Limited w/Eyesight
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Just got a 2018 3.6R Limited w/eyesight, my first Soobie. So far I love the car, but am having trouble figuring out the infomedia system. One question in particular I'm hoping someone can help me with:

If I plug in my Iphone via USB cord, the green "Carplay" icon appears on the Home screen (and brightens on the App screen). At that point, even if I don't press the Carplay icon, my handsfree voice control automatically links me to Siri. I would like to plug my phone into the USB and still be able to utilize the Starlink handsfree functionality, instead of Siri. Is that possible?

I have not yest downloaded the Starlink app to my iphone. Would doing so change the answer to my question?

(OK that's two questions). Thanks in advance to all who reply.
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