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I have owned an '03 LLBEAN for a few weeks now. I have been reading up big time on this forum...THANK YOU ALL for the great resource. I do have a few questions though. Instead of multiple threads they are all here.

1. Is the RSB on my '03 14mm? Seems some think it is 16mm, which would make upgrading to a Baja RSB (17mm) fairly pointless.

2. Mine came with no roof crossbars. I found some factory ones for cheap. If I wanted to use my yakima bars, what are any of you using for attaching those? Anyone used Mako saddles (for kayak) on the factory bars? How?

3. When I start up, without the radio on, I hear a slight 'worbling' sound that seems like it is coming from the back (sounds like it is in the cargo area). Is this a common exhaust(?) sound? I think it goes away when warmed up.

4. I noticed the boot on drivers side tierod is punctured and leaking. Is it fine to just replace the one without doing anything else to the stearing? (I have 158k) Is it a tough job?

5. Anyone run 99-04 LGT wheels on an outback? Pics?

I'm sure I'll have more questions before long. Oh and I just tinted the window all the way around with 20% and have it at the shop getting the headlights buffed/uv coated...gotta make the ole girl pretty again. I'll post pics when I can. Thanks!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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