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Radio wire at the rear hatch

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I have a 2008 OBW, and have broken wires in the hatch opening. All the wires going to the passenger side were torn, 3 were broken. Fixed that. Going to the driver side, all of my radio wires were cut as well, including the antenna feed, which has a tiny wire in a transparent insulator and a bigger, woven metal wire over it. Those are both broken. Silly Subaru, must be the same person who thought a CV boot near the hot exhaust was a good idea.

My question is, how do I fix this wire within a wire? I can't figure it out. Any insight? I wanted to avoid paying $60 for a new set of wires if I could fix it myself.

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It's a common coaxial cable. What I've done in situations like this is to solder the center wire, cover it in either heat shrink tubing or electrical tape.
Solder the shield wire and cover it with tin foil, then cover with heat shrink tubing or electrical tape.
If you skip the tin foil, you run the risk of radio interference.
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