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It should really be called "Rally in a small part of Great Britain" but that would just be me complaining about going to the same area for the past ? (too many) years.
It was my 33rd consecutive Lombard RAC/Network Q/Rally Wales. I think.
The first was when Mikkola won in the Eaton Yale Escort in '79.

This time I did it on the cheap; I slept in the car (yay for an Outback estate), took my own food and didn't need to fuel up en-route. My only contribution to the Welsh economy was whatever part of the £25 (!) stage entry fee went to them. Probably not much.
I saw Dyfnant 1 and 2 and then went home.
As I commented last year, I was impressed by how the cars were sliding around more than in previous years but I was underwhelmed by the crowds.
It seems to me that the WRC in GB is really struggling; the crowds were really small and there were no helicopters arriving on stage or visible in the skies and there were very few people with rally passes.
I've not kept in touch with the WRC this year because it's only available on pay to view TV but it seems to be in terminal decline from what I've seen/read this year.
Also, Lombard RAC Rally in September is so, so wrong. There was dust.

Some pictures:-

12-09-14 Wales Rally GB by Chocolatebike1, on Flickr

This shows the dust (same corner, 2nd run):-

12-09-14 Wales Rally GB dust. WTF ? by Chocolatebike1, on Flickr

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