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Random Shutter and Knock

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Just bought an 08 with 67k w/ auto trans, got home and disconnected battery to clean terminals off. Connected the battery back up and now the engine idles extremely low rpms and shutters when going idle speed? I have driven it about 5 miles around my house seeing if anything would change... no luck. Ideas?

I also noticed that when I come to a stop from cruising speeds, I can feel the trans shift to 1st gear right before I come to a stop, almost a knock into first, and I can see the rpms jump up a little when 1st engages. Does this car use trans and engine brake to slow down in addition to brakes?

Last thing I noticed was under passenger side glove box, to the left side (closest to the center console/radio) there is a connection that is unplugged. Its a green connector just dangling from under the glove box. Should this be connected?

Looking forward to hearing ideas about all this. Psyched to be a part of this huge knowledge base!
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Thanks, I was a little worried to see that connection unplugged, but I will leave it alone. Have you heard of the ground cable causing this issue before? I will tighten her up asap, or at least make sure its tight.
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