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I installed my rear back up camera. When i put it in reverse the display comes on and no problem. I then put it in drive andthe display goes black (With the warning that objects are closer but no pictire. ut it back in reverse and no picture. I stop,turn off the ignition and put it in reverse and i get a display. Ther only way to get out of the black screen is to touch the mode switch on radio, I know my power connections fro camera power is correct. From what i can see when you put the car in reverse the video signal triggers the electronics in radio to turn on the rear camera video in . For some reason if it sees no video signal it wont reset the video in to lets say your previous display like radio. The deck has a big white plug on it with 24 pins. I did not have a plug for this ($100.00 to buy) but i know which pins are rear camera video in. Is there there maybe another pin on this plug that must be connected.
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