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Hi all,

Short story: Rear caliper mounting brackets are heliocoiled.

Question: Is there any place to buy just the rear brackets? I have looked at my local parts stores and online and have not been able to find even a used set of rear brackets. Both sides are heliocoiled...

I bought an 06 outback sohc a while back. Needed brakes desperately bad and had blown out brake lines in the rear (unfortunately for me this was before I knew there was a recall for the lines). So I changed out all of the brakes. Imagine my amusement when I saw the heliocoils, especially both sides. I needed my car the next day for work, so I slapped everything back together and prayed it would all work out. Fast forward about 10k miles. I have a rear wheel bearing on its way out, so now is the time to fix stuff while I am in there.
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