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rear fog lights

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Winter and fog seems to be a good time to discuss this. Anyone use them and if so where, what and how is it mounted?
Here is a photo gallery..
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I installed/wired red fog light same as OEM Subarus have it in EU; i.e. in the left backup light.
Kudos for the Jogo-man for doing it right. I can see a need myself during elk season when I drive up through winding mountain hwys.
I’ll need to read up on the latest regs, but last I read was they’re still illegal in USA/Japan. So the factory positions give you stealth mode. But if you’re going to use the L-Rear reflector position, IIRC (newish) euro TUV places it above bumper and off center to the left. Using other than red lights = cop magnet.<O:p</O:p
Effective but why isn’t it available here, same reason headlight levelers aren’t either – people don’t even know how to use roundabouts.
Meh, nothing illegal in free CO, no State inspections... and can have Class-3 full-auto assault rifles.
1 - 2 of 95 Posts
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