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rear fog lights

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Winter and fog seems to be a good time to discuss this. Anyone use them and if so where, what and how is it mounted?
Here is a photo gallery..
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I like this idea a lot and plan to investigate it myself. It looks like there's room to install one of those flat LED arrays and bring the wire out the hole. Two things bother me about it though:

- are those flat LED panels bright enough?
- Since the red lens is made to reflect light from the outside, how much of the LED light would pass though it from the back, or would it just glow?

One other thought would be to use a bright LED bulb like Jogosub did and mount it behind. You'd need to cut off some of the plastic backing and maybe a bit of the bumper plastic behind the light, and then glue a light socket with enclosure behind everything to make it weatherproof. That may work too, depending on access behind. Hopefully one of use will figure this out. Then I'd move my wiring from the external rear fog I have now, to the new fog light behind the reflector.
While I can't speak to the second question (shining through reflector) I can address the first question - the LED panels are extremely bright! I had a chance to see that when I was up at VLED's last week with my son's Audi. Good stuff. :29:
I'm fairly certain you guys are safe....I've never heard of anyone being cited for a "fog light switch color" violation LOL :D
I agree. If there's a cop inside my car where he can see my fog light switch color, I've likely got much bigger problems. :)
Especially since, to see the switch he'd have to be in your lap :gasp: LOL!
Hoppyjr: Not really - after you roll down your window, followed by "your drivers license and registration, please" the fog switch is in plain view from the outside ...LOL... but, as Budaru said, chances to get cited for that "violation" are slim or none.....
You just love busting my balls don't you Jogo? My little brother was like this when he was 10 years old...had a comment for everything....

I was responding to Budaru's comment If there's a cop inside my car where he can see my fog light switch color, I've likely got much bigger problems. and my reply was tongue in cheek.

You need a nap :D
I installed/wired red fog light same as OEM Subarus have it in EU; i.e. in the left backup light. It's now "red" and used as rear fog light. See my installation instructions elsewhere on this forum. The bulb is bright (921 LED 14 red) and works great - you'll get noticed!! I also "increased" brightness (921 white LED 19) of the right backup bulb to more than double of the existing OEM. Bulbs are from
See pics below!
Budaru installed an outside red rear fog light that he mounted under the rear bumper, that is yet another alternative solution.[/QUOTE

I'm not in (law Enforcement) but that would be illegal in the state of Pa.
it would never pass state inspection, that's right up there with tinted windows, your better off getting a hole saw and cutting threw the bottom of the bumper,going to a truck stop and buying a tractor reverse back up light, which would be facing down, then you'll light up your rear end,Don't buy any (train horns) there illegal also!

It does look good, but not for all state's

Looks like there is a light out, which makes it illegal!!
Sorry, but you are wrong. This is not illegal, nor will it cause any legal issues. Yes, I am certain ;)
Learned something new - I though I've read a post from someone that they were mandatory but I think I have mixed that up with front driving lights - those are mandatory, right? Getting old...LOL
Sorry, my mistake then...
I think what I should have said that many cars imported into Canada come with pre-wired rear fog that the case Plain OM?
Actually, I think what you meant is Daytime Running Lights...and you're correct Jogo, those are mandatory in Canada ;)

Many, but not all, modern vehicles that have a rear fog light option in non-North American countries are pre-wired for the option. I believe this is because it's less expensive to create one master wiring harness for the world, then just plug in the needed items for each of the respective markets. Pretty much any modern BMW or Audi has this pre-wiring and only requires the European headlight switch to become operational. I've owned a couple of VW's (99 and later) where the Euro switch and one wire were all that was needed to get rear fogs working.

I've also lived in states which require annual or initial vehicle inspections. In those locations, based on my personal experience, the inspectors check to ensure that you have all of the required safety equipment, but they do not penalize you for additional items (fog lights, driving lights, horn, etc) provided the stock, required items are present. In some states, even emission controls are checked to ensure they are present. I speak with confidence when I say that adding a rear fog light, stock or aftermarket, will not invalidate an inspection so long as it has an on/off switch. The exception would be for accessory items which are poorly installed and/or cause a legitimate safety hazzard to other motorists.

While a law enforcement officer might stop a car with an operating rear fog lamp, possibly thinking it's a brake lamp and the other side is burnt out, a quick explaination will get you back on the road without a ticket. If you have a suspended license, or warrants for your arrest, you may not want to use a rear fog lamp, to minimize your potential contact with the po-po. Again, based on my experience, folks with those conditions display plenty of other reasons for a traffic stop and likely don't know what a rear fog lamp is ;)
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...Yikes...I guess I had better get one on Definitely not mandatory here. I don't think that there is any provincial legislation for them at least not in our province.
To be clear, I never said they were mandatory...only that they are not illegal. Someone else is the expert around here ;)
And to add to that: fog lights are for driving in the fog..., turn signals are for turning..., yellow and red traffic signal lights in intersections have some peculiar purpose...., left lanes on freeways are for passing or driving faster "with the flow" ....etc,etc.... LOL

You've got that right!
I agree!!!

Like that comedian "Gallagher" once said; we should all have dart guns and be able to shoot darts at cars driven by idiot drivers. When I cop sees a car with three or more darts attached, it's automatic probable cause to stop and write the citation for being an idiot. :29:
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