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I've been wanting to add a rear fog(s) for a while now. Would there be any way to mount some LEDs behind those ugly reflectors on the bumper? It's a pretty good spot for them, and some super bright white LEDs would probably light up the red reflector pretty well.
That sounds like an awesome mod and I may try that someday. However it is recommended to use red LEDs with red lenses, since sending white light will have 2/3 of its brightness filtered out by the red lens (green and blue light?). Sending red light through will allow 100% transmittance. But maybe it doesn't matter too much, for example a certain white LED advertises 600 lumens and the red version says 210 lumens or so. Seems in that case the red LEDs already lost some brightness just for being red.

I'm going to sneak a peek at my bumper right now before the baby wakes up. It's been a glorious morning so far and the pond behind my house is as steady as glass - like time is standing still. Sooner or later all this peace and quiet will be interrupted!
1 - 1 of 95 Posts
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