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rear fog lights

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Winter and fog seems to be a good time to discuss this. Anyone use them and if so where, what and how is it mounted?
Here is a photo gallery..
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They are ultrasonic welded I think. I had planned to dremel them open and install led panels from VLED. Then seal them back up with the sealant used for headlights. I have all the parts just havent gotten to it yet. But more then likely you may have to take a cutting tool to them to get them open

Has anyone succeeded in getting the rear fog reflectors opened? I bought an extra one with my last order from an online Subaru parts dealer to experiment. I tried to use a relatively standard procedure that folks use to open up their headlight assemblies (225 degrees F in the oven) and they started to melt after about 20 min. I had no luck in getting the two sides to separate - it appears that the red and grey plastic are actually welded or melted together not glued.
The VLed panels are bright enough. Have one of the 12 led 6watt panels to insert into the bumper reflectors. Light goes through very well. I will attempt to take a pic this week of the light in the reflector. Have tocut them open first
Budaru, I have read around, and cannot not find a definite answer on that either, I also read that a white LED behind a red lense uses more power than a red LED because it produces light on different spectrums that gets filtered out anyways by the colored lens. So in the case of brake lights, it would be better to use a red LED White LED through a red lens can look somewhat pinkish which i discovered when i shined my LED flashlight into the reflectors.

I will try to do cut the reflector open Friday evening, and take some pics of them with the lights in. I am still getting my garage squared away from my move.
1 - 3 of 95 Posts
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