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rear fog lights

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Winter and fog seems to be a good time to discuss this. Anyone use them and if so where, what and how is it mounted?
Here is a photo gallery..
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I installed/wired red fog light same as OEM Subarus have it in EU; i.e. in the left backup light. It's now "red" and used as rear fog light. See my installation instructions elsewhere on this forum. The bulb is bright (921 LED 14 red) and works great - you'll get noticed!! I also "increased" brightness (921 white LED 19) of the right backup bulb to more than double of the existing OEM. Bulbs are from
See pics below!
Budaru installed an outside red rear fog light that he mounted under the rear bumper, that is yet another alternative solution.[/QUOTE

I'm not in (law Enforcement) but that would be illegal in the state of Pa.
it would never pass state inspection, that's right up there with tinted windows, your better off getting a hole saw and cutting threw the bottom of the bumper,going to a truck stop and buying a tractor reverse back up light, which would be facing down, then you'll light up your rear end,Don't buy any (train horns) there illegal also!

It does look good, but not for all state's

Looks like there is a light out, which makes it illegal!!
Move to Pa. or drive thru and get stop, you can't block you're reverse lights, theirs no uniformity. This isn't the UK,or Aussie, etc. this is the USA.
If you would re-read post 62 again, I said they have a (STATE INSPECTION) in Pa. which would make it ILLEGAL you would not get a inspection sticker on your windshield, theres other states also I'm sure.
1 - 3 of 95 Posts
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