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Rear running lights not working

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Can anyone help with the location of the rear running light connector that would be near the rear of the car? I have a fuse (well two) that blow out every so often.. I put a resettable fuse in (power seat type) just so I had lights that would come back on ( cuz it is hard to tell if they aren't working "while driving".. and of course that was bound to fail.. ) So a year and a few dirt roads later they no longer work.. So I plan on a bypass if I can find that connector and disconnect that wire from it. (dead short) I could just run a new one from the relay.. I'll probably need to disconnect it from the front also some how.. If I want to use that oem fuse.. Otherwise I could tie into the front they don't seem to have this issue.. I am usually fairly good at reading wiring schematics but I can't seem to wrap my head around the one I have seen and can't seem to find the location's for the connects either.. I would truly appreciate any help, anyone could offer.. Thanks... 2001 outback
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common failure points are;

the wires in the 'gaiter' from the body to the hatch. they can open or short to ground or both - and be intermittent

sometimes there is corrosion in the bulb sockets.
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