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Hello Subaru experts,

Hoping for some guidance.

I had someone run into my 2008 gen 3 Outback (manual 2.5L). The rear sub frame is bent, axle shaft is bent, pretty much all of the right rear suspension components are bent or snapped off. Also there is a SS error and the ABS light is on which I'm guessing is because the ABS sensor has been severed. Chassis seems straightish with all doors opening/closing.
The driver was completely uninsured, has no money etc and I only have 3rd party property insurance so only covers the damage I did to the vehicle he pushed me into.

Need to get on the road again so I can get to work.

Have had a quick look through a couple of wrecker yards. Just wondering if there is any interchangeability between Outback generations (e.g. from gen 2) and across models (e.g. Liberty).

Any advice is appreciated


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