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I took my 2016 Outback 3.6 Limited in for a firm wear update which created problems with the Eco Monitor and Vehicle Monitor showing zeros, as well as the rear view camera picture showing 5 unwanted lines that had nothing to do with the distance to an object.
The dealer managed to reinstall the firm wear and resolved the issues with the Eco Monitor and the Vehicle Monitor but the unwanted lines were still there on the rear view camera picture.
The dealer ordered a new head to fix the problem.
In the meantime, I found that, with the infotainment system active, by holding down the "Info" button and pressing the "Tune" button twice, I gained access to a hidden menu which listed "Camera Settings". I pressed this and it opened up another menu to the camera settings. I pressed "Default" and the unwanted lines disappeared and showed the regular camera view. I finished by pressing "Set" and exiting by pressing and holding "Home".
I have cancelled the new head and saved myself a couple of hours of time.
Why couldn't the dealership figure this out?
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