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Rear Wheel Bearing Interchangeability

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Searched the forum for a posting to my question, couldn’t find one
Got a 2006 Baja Sport, need rear wheel bearings.
I found OE assembly, hub-studs and bearing, for around $270 and some after-market for $135.
I was told the Baja is the same platform as the Legacy, don’t know if that’s true.
The AM parts for the Legacy are much cheaper, even those for the Outback.
Does anyone know if in fact there is any interchangeability, or are the Baja parts proprietary?
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The fronts are bearing only, and the rears can be serviced as a whole bolt in hub/bearing assembly.

Front & Rear (bearings) 2000-2004 Outback

Rear (assembly) 2000-2004 Outback

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