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OK, not the breakthrough of the century, but here goes. Recently I removed the wiper arms (two front, one rear) from my wife's newly acquired 07 OBW for the purpose of painting the arms and renewing all the blades. Went with Bosch Icons up front and the Exact Fit Trico 14-B for the rear.

In removing the rear wiper arm, I found the black plastic cover for the wiper nut to be cracked by some PO's attempt to pop it off. Even though it was cracked, it was a b*itch to remove. Didn't want to "pop off" at the last guy just cracked the cover at the rounded end to get it off with a screwdriver or other "persuader". So I ordered a new cover from the local dealer for $5. Went to install it and found her rear arm had the "newer arm" so the original part number for the plastic cover had changed. The parts manager explained that the original rear arms were not designed to pull away from the window far enough, and lots of people were breaking the arms while replacing blades, so SOA redesigned the arms. The new arm plastic covers are a straight on pressure fit with little nubs for keepers, The trick is to remove the cover. Just doesn't want to budge. Try to force it off with a screwdriver and you might crack or tear it like the last guy.

Here's what worked for me: Using a shop pick - the straight one - find the little gap where the cover meets the inboard end of the nut mount. Slide in to gently "lift" cover side off its "keepers". Once half popped off, you can wiggle the cap off. :sayinghi:
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