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Recall Remote engine start transmitters on '10-'12 Outback & '12-'13 Impressa/Crostrk

Hi everyone,

Cut and paste right from the source.. Subaru research and information website..

"2/22 recall- remote engine start transmitters. The transmitters on 2010-2012 Outback and 2012-2013 Impreza and Crosstrek might have a loose internal battery clip that when dropped sends a signal to start the car. If this happens the engine can run for 15 minutes, turn off, and restart. This cycle could repeat until the car is out of gasa and in a garage this could lead to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. The transmitters will be replaced. Recall #WQF-42"

Passing this along..

Steve Nordahl
Bethlehem, Pa.
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