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Recommendation Request for Mechanic in Toronto

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I am temporarily (a few months for work) in the greater Toronto area. While I was on my way driving here, the check engine light went on, but otherwise, everything seemed to be running fine. I have a '06 Outback with 115K miles on it which already has had the head gasket replaced. I am looking for recommendations for a good mechanic in the Toronto area that could help debug and fix whatever is making the CEL stay on.

I looked around on the forum for a similar post but the only one I saw for Toronto was from 2008 so my apologies if I overlooked a more recent post, I am new to the site.

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@gen2lover , know anyone?

you can find out for yourself what the code / codes are, better then most mechanics with your car's unique code reader:
Sadly, no, I don't because I'm in the Niagara region. Closer to Buffalo than Toronto.

Best thing is to retrieve the code(s) and post them here. If you can't figure it out, and you are in my area, I'd be happy to hook up my scan tool and see what is going on.
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