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I have an ultraguage in the Outback because the first couple years of the Gen 4 have no engine temp gauge...and it is what let me know that my HG had gone. Now, driving highway every day I have seen the correlation between the intake temp and engine temp. Regular running temp is 194 degrees f. As the intake temperature goes below 40 degrees the running temp starts to go up...not by much...but it does. In cold weather the car runs at 199.4 degrees f...sometimes going as high as 203-205 degrees. Today we have a real warm front...intake temp is 65degrees f...engine temp back down to 194.

Why do I tell you folks this... Because...for those of you with the no temp gauge outback...when the engine temp hits around 210 the idiot light on the dash starts flashing and at 215...ish it stays on don’t want to see that....and I just found it interesting...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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