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Remote lock beeper replacement

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I just bought an '06 Forester and the beeper is a higher pitch and not as loud as I would like. I much prefer the beep on my OB. This may seem trivial and a bit asinine, but is it easy to "upgrade" the beeper? If I'm gonna be pressing it 4-6 times a day, I'd prefer a more pleasant and louder tone.

Does anyone know where it's located and if it's plug and play across different generations?

I've tried looking for P/N but I'm not sure where to look in the catalog.
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It's called the "keyless buzzer" in the wiring diagrams I have or "buzzer keyless entry" in some parts lists.

This link has some p/n's, although not for the 11 Outback. You might be able to research the site for that, as far as a replacement part number.

There are some threads in other forums where the buzzer was found to be deteriorating. Could it be that your's wasn't originally as high pitched as it seems to be now? (Do a Google search for the words: keyless buzzer subaru.) As for the sound, any chance to go to a dealer, or ask another owner, to compare to another of the same vintage to make sure the sound you have is what it's supposed to be?

Not sure where the buzzer is located, but I would think it can be located by listening . . .

Hope this helps.

Let us know what you find, and do . . .

'11 Outback 2.5i CVT - '06 Forester X 5MT
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Thanks Plain OM.

I found that in parts catalogs, here is a diagram
2006 SUBARU FORESTER Parts - Subaru Parts Warehouse
but it appears to be attached to the fuse panel. But now that I look at it, that may be the relay block under the hood. Which would make sense. I suppose it could be located remotely too, as it doesn't specifically show that it attaches to the block.

I found another thread on that talks about it deteriorating.

I haven't taken any time to try to locate it, just hoping someone might know specifically before I go beeping around. But I suppose it can't be that hard to find lol.

I never even thought to just look for the one in my own '11 OB and just see if it's plug and play to my Forester. That would at least confirm whether it would be an easy swap.

As for comparison to another Forester, that's another great idea lol. I'll swing by my local dealer he has a few 2nd Gen Foresters. The keys are usually in the door so I'll just lock and unlock a couple lol. I had a '05 Impreza and I don't remember it being so high pitched. But that was 7 years and 2 Subarus ago. I know my '08 Legacy sounded more like my OB.

But for $50... I don't know that I'd even bother. But maybe I could pluck one from a junk yard cheap and easy.
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