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Removing Transmission without a lift

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My 16 year old son and I are trying to swap transmissions between a wrecked 2000 Outback and a 2003 Outback.

The engine is out of the salvage car already. An engine lift (on wheels) and a floor jack is available right now.

Can the transmission be pulled out through the hood?
Is a special transmission jack needed or will the floor jack and engine lift be enough equipment?
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If the engine is out, I think the trans could be pulled through the hood.

A little cribbing with some 4x4s and some care and it shouldn't be too hard.

With the converter removed I can lift a 4EAT trans with a little strain, so a hoist on the front and someone on the back of it will do it pretty easily.

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Took the engine out the bottom

We did end up taking the engine out the bottom. Initially we just hooked the engine hoist to the transmission and pushed and shoved it to get it to fall off the support bracket. To install the new tranny I attached a long bar to the transmission and attached the long bar to the engine hoist.

We used a garage jack on the tail of the transmission.

My Harbor Freight 3 ton jack stands were not high enough to sneak the transmission out from under the car so we ended up putting 3" of wood blocks under the stands and used a 3" thick wood block on the jack to get the car high enough to get the trany out.

The bar that we use was a 3/4" X 1" X 3' Piece of scrap steel. We removed the bracket for the pitch stopper and attached the bar as shown in the picture below. The bar helped to slide the new transmission into place without as much risk of damage


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Ingenuity at work. I like it.

Build a 1,000 and sell it on EBay with the picture as the instruction manual for $59.99 plus shipping. :29: You could call it transmission hoist instead of transmission jack and advertise it as functional on 1991-2013 Subaru 2.0, 2.2 and 2.5 automatic or manual transmission. Be sure to mention that it doubles as a Subaru crankshaft/camshaft tool, so its versatile and a bargain.

Of course, now that you posted it here, every Google search that lands on this thread is going to let the cat out of the bag and its done for. People will start making their own. You'll lose your shirt, and then living in the Outback on the beach fishing for dinner with squalls blowing salt in you face while you try to start a fire so your not eating sushi with sand and sea weed as flavoring.

Of course that could be a good thing. Fishing that is. Not the rest.
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