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2006 Outback LLBean Edition
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Howdy everyone,

Please forgive me if this topic has been discussed before. I tried searching for previous threads but couldn't find what I was looking for.

I purchased a 2006 LL Bean about 2 years ago that only came with one key (57497AG11A) and FOB set. I'm finally getting around to getting a backup and there are a few dealerships around me that carry them. I have also come across some mixed search results that say a one piece key/FOB combo (CWTWBU745) should be able to be cut and programmed for my car.

The reason I say "mixed search results" is because some sites say it will work, and some say it won't. I have been trying to get someone on the phone from a dealership to confirm, but have not gotten a response.

Would any of you happen to know if this combo key/FOB will work in a 2006 Outback?


2006 Subaru OUtback XT
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TThat I know of, the 2006 key is a chipped "Immoblizer" key and once cut it will need programming into the Body control unit (BIU).
The fob is also a stand-alone unit and must also be programmed into the BIU.

The key will require a scanner tool but the fob is a setup step where you turn the key on and off while holding the drivers door lock button and stand on your left hand while wiggling your tonuge up and down. ;) This is the instructions I got for my Fob programming:

NOTE: These instructions can seem very complicated but are actually very easy if you read the instructions and understand the process prior to starting! Do not worry if you do not do it correctly your first time you can repeat the process as many times as necessary.

1. You will need to first pop to the back cover off with a flat bladed screwdriver.

2. Locate the ID number on the inside of the remote (write it down). It will be an 8 digit number. If there are two rows use the one with NUMBERS only NO LETTERS.

3. Confirm all doors including the trunk are shut.

4. Get in the DRIVER seat and close the door and immediately proceed to step 5.

5. Turn the ignition from LOCK to ON (10) times, you have 15 seconds to do this. The vehicle will respond with the lights flashing and an audible tone emitted. This is to confirm the vehicle is in programming mode. If you do not see the light or hear the noise get out of the vehicle and then start the process over.

6. Now open the CLOSED driver side door, the noise will continue to confirm the vehicle is still in programming mode.

7. Refer back to the 8 digit code. While you still hear the noise, on the DRIVER's side door panel press the LOCK button the number of times as the first digit. Once you have pressed it the correct number of times, press UNLOCK to go to the next digit. Do this for all 8 digits. Once you finish all 8 digits PUSH THE UNLOCK BUTTON ONCE. For example if the code was: 12345678 (use your code) You will press LOCK once then UNLOCK...LOCK twice then UNLOCK...LOCK three times then UNLOCK and so on.

8. To confirm. You must do step 7 again. Enter the 8 digit code on the DRIVER'S side door. Once you enter the 8th digit you will hear a tone for 30 seconds.

9. If you have any additional remotes to program you must repeat steps 5-8 for each additional remote. If you have no additional remotes proceed to step 10.

10. REMOVE key. Programming is now complete.

2008 Outback 2.5 4EAT in Granny Gold
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I purchased these off of amazon for my 2008:

They are a little smaller than my original. The dealer wouldn’t program them so I found a mobile locksmith that programmed them for about $100. I told them I bought the car and the owner gave me the blanks to avoid a lot of questions.

Your original remote should have a sticker on the inside of it that has the fcc id. Mine didn’t so I took the risk with these. The buttons don’t react too quick, but it is the same as my original remote so I think there may be a problem with the antennae in the car, if anyone knows where to look for that?

Are the above instructions just for the unlock/lock buttons, or does it also program the chip for starting?
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