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Replacement pads need shims?

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I've got some Wagner TQ pads for my 2010 and they don't come with any backing shims. My outer shim is reusable, but the inner dual shim is rotted away.

Do I skip them? Are they available as a separate part? I imagine they just mitigate pad rattle and squeal. Anyone run without them?

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You can go without, but it invites noise and uneven wear. Worth doing while it's apart.

They are service parts through Subaru. Not sure if they sell them individually, as a wheel's worth or an axle's worth kits but you don't have to buy pads or anything to get them.
Use proper shims to prevent noise. The mid grade and above pads come with them.
Consider returning them for something better, unless you're selling it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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