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Replacing 2011 nav with the new 2013 nav

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Without question, the 2011 DVD nav is horrible. It is my understanding that the new 2013 SD card nav is an improvement. (Why they don't work as well as my $150 Garmin I will never understand).

Does anyone know if the new 2013 system will fit into a 2011 dash and if so, the approximate cost to make the switch? It looks as though it would, but I need an expert to confirm that.

I would like to find a dealer who can do that.

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It may take some additional harnesses but I don't see why not. One other thing to look into is whether or not if the GPS antenna is the same style of plug. The only thing that I don't think would be a direct install would be the steering wheel controls. I don't know if they used the same plug for accessories/SWC connections over the years.

For the amount of money (especially since the '13 unit would probably have to be sourced from the dealer) I would think that an aftermarket option would much cheaper and simpler.
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