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I have a 2000 Outback and I need to replace the rear seatbelts. I'm investigating the warranty situation here in Canada, but in case that doesn't pan out (there is only one dealer in my region) I'd like to replace the belts myself (to avoid the exorbitant dealer price I've been quoted).

I have a baby on the way, and the belts have dog chew damage... replacement time.

I've figured out how to replace the actual belt housings/retractor mechanisms, seems simple enough with just a couple of bolts. My problem is that I have no idea how to access the retractors. I can't seem to find any information or procedures on how to remove the trim to get to the bolts.

Can anyone point me to information on interior rear trim removal so I can access the seat belts? Or explain how to accomplish this? I definitely have to replace the side belts, and I might as well replace the center one as well (it's chewed the worst).


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The complete quarter trim comes out as one piece.

Here you go:

Pull up the door sill, it is snapped down to the white plastic rail on the door rail.
Tilt the seat bench forward.
Pull the plastic retainer at the rear of the lower molding rear of where the door sill panel was.
Fold down the seat back.
Pull out the rear decking and rear door sill.
Remove the screw that attach the tie down hooks.
Remove the rectangular cover about midway between the back seat and hatch just below the window, there are two screws there.
Remove the plastic retainers from the back of the panel at the hatch door.
Using your fingers, or a flat head screwdriver, pry the panel away from the body. There are several metal locking clips that run the length of the roof and window.
Then you can move it away from the body to get the seatbelt replaced. The portion where the belt goes through the panel pops out, then you just twist the belt to get it out of the panel.


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