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Reputable dealers in Phoenix area

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Howdy all,

I am looking for your experience in finding 1 or more HONEST, Trustworthy, GOOD Subaru service shop/dealers with 30 minutes of Buckeye, Arizona. A place where you can trust what they say and who does excellent service work on your Subarus.

I have been trying to find this info and don't know where else to go - so I joined up. I am trying to help someone just moving there.

If there is a more appropriate forum , please let me know. Or please PM me. THANKS!
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We have taken our Subarus to Camelback Subaru for service. We have never had a problem. They have free loaner cars if you need one as well. Repairs and maintenance items were done right the first time; every time. That's been our experience. I recommend them. Not sure if it's 30 min. from Buckeye though. We have taken our Outback to Peoria Subaru for oil changes. We had a good experience as well. We have a longer history with Camelback though. Good Luck :)
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