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Retrofit cruise control - complete

Our 2007 JDM facelift 3.0R Outback does not have cruise control right now. For some reason only around half of JDM Outbacks I've seen here in NZ have cruise.

There are stereo buttons on the steering wheel controls (left hand side) and a blank plate on the right hand side where similar outbacks have cruise buttons.

FreeSSM reports the ECU has integrated cruise control and the dashboard shows a (always off) cruise light when the sun is behind us.

I’ve read from the links below that by adding steering wheel cruise switches and a 4 pin brake pedal switch (83370AA001) cruise can be activated. These parts are available cheaply at a local vehicle breakers yard.

Has anyone here done this or maybe it's too good to be true ?

EDIT : gen3 pre facelift (ie. 06) have the 4 pin stop lamp connector already on the harness and can easily be upgraded. the facelift MY07 with start button doesn't seem to have the connector

Fitting cruise control - Electrical - ClubSUB - All We'll Drive
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