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Reverse camera on 2008 Outback

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Hey, I have a 2008 Outback 3.0, JDM, RHD. Owned since 2019.
This particular car has OEM xenon headlights, reversing camera, flappy paddle shifters, stereo with a HDD, multi-function touch screen display with japanese sat-nav, japanese TV tuner etc. Most of this you don't see in many 3rd gen outbacks, so I have trouble finding parts and knowledge for it, especially it being JDM. Hoping someone here might be able to help :)

My main problem is the reversing camera stopped working a couple months ago. Now the screen just goes black, with the guide lines moved to the right and down a bit which is kinda strange.
We assumed it was just a faulty camera - I found the part number but cannot source a replacement even from subaru, seems they stopped selling them some time ago.
We took it to a shop that normally installs/fixes this kind of stuff said they had aftermarket cameras that will work, but they plugged in a few different cameras and none of them worked. They said they hadn't seen one with this OEM stereo unit before and it must have been a very high spec model for the time. Unsure if there's anything special about the camera or maybe the head unit that processes the video signal has a fault?

Anyone know what the likely issue is here?
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The camera wires may have gotten broken where the hatch opens and closes from the thousands of times it’s opened in it’s life
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I'm with him.^^^ Probably a busted wire. Can be a cam too.

Gotta old security cam? You can test if the HU is bad or if something beyond it is bad.

Here's the pinout chart.

Runs on NTSC logic. I don't think you have much NTSC logic stuff on your side of the pond.

If you want to run an aftermarket HU on a factory cam or a aftermarket cam on a factory HU, you need what is called a Retention Harness.
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