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[Review] Griot's Synthetic Clay & Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax

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I recently used the Griot's synthetic clay on my Outback, it was very, very easy to use. They suggest you use the Speed Shine formula as a lubricant, but also suggest car wash liquid as an alternative. I already bought a few Griot's products including the pink car wash stuff (Brilliant Finish Car Wash) so I used that.

It was quite simple, and the results were great. Start to finish in about an hour and fifteen minutes.

The first time you use the synthetic clay, they suggest you "break in" the rubber on your glass, so I did.

Wash car as your normally would. Dump dirty wash water, refill with new soap. Dip synthetic clay applicator into soapy water, and working one panel at a time, rub with moderate pressure. Stop when smooth. Rinse car off completely, dry car completely.

Applied Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax 2.0 per instructions with included hand applicator, used 2 or 3 microfibers afterwards to remove excess and polish. Suggest you use a vinyl/rubber/nitrile glove for the application so it doesn't bind to your skin.

It's really, really nice. Very smooth. I didn't mention it to my wife and when she came home she'd asked me if I washed the car and it looked really good.

Highly recommended product. Hopefully the wax will get me through the winter to the spring before I have to reapply. The synthetic clay is supposed to last for several (dozen plus) applications.

Followed up the interior with the Griot's 3-in-1 leather conditioner for the seats, vinyl and rubber dressing, and interior detailer as appropriate. It's like new.