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I just installed some of those award winning Osram Silverstar +50% H7 bulbs (low beam) in my OBXT.

After a comparison test by a European magazine, these were declared to be the best Halogen bulbs on the market. Much better than any blue-coated bulbs.

These bulbs put out 1640 lumens compared to 1500 lumens for a regular H7, so really, they should be call +10% not +50%.

That lumens rating jives with my observation. These bulbs are slightly brighter and slightly whiter then the stock bulbs. It is a nice improvement, but I'm still debating whether or not it was worth the price.

They sell for 21 Pounds at PowerBulbs ( Powerbulbs' service was prompt and the bulbs arrived on my door in Canada in one week.

I'm also awaiting some 9011 HIR bulbs for my high beams. These can be easily modified to fit the 9005 sockets and put out 2350 lumens vs. the 1700 of the regular bulbs. I will report back once i've tested them.
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