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So this has been dead for a while, and there have been post to revive it in the past. There are enough members to get it going again, and plenty that have lots to show off.

So I'll start. Why not? Add yours in following post and see what comes. If it lives it lives. If not, :8:.

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2001 VDC/SC One of a Kind
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2001 Outback VDC

This is the first year for VDC and the 45/55 to 50/50 AWD torque split using VTD center differential in an Outback. It was the top of Subarus line up going in to luxury. I bought this car Jan 2012. It had a new set of Michelins (10k miles), fuel pump (40k miles) and ran Mobil 1 Synthetic in everything. All the receipts from the first oil change were in a folder in the car. I am the second owner.

Original options:

3.0. H6 (four-cam, chain-driven, flat-six; 212 hp and 210 pound-feet of torque)
VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control)
Variable Torque on Demand (VTD-AWD)
All Wheel Traction Control (TCS)
ABS/4 Wheel Disc (ABS)
4EAT Automatic
Power Everything
Dual Power Sunroofs
Leather with Front Heated Seats, Driver 8 way power seat with lumbar adjustment
Faux wood grain trim with real wood grain/leather steering wheel (I redid the trim in faux Chinese Burlewood)
Heated Wipers
Heated Rear View Mirrors
McIntosh 11 speaker sound system with AM/FM/CD
Original MSRP $32,746.00 (I have the original window spec sheet with the backing paper still on it.)

Upon purchase:
AC leaks repaired
Windows tinted
KYB Struts (standard Outback)
McIntosh system was failed so:
Clarion CX201 HU
2 sets Polk Audio Component Speakers
Kicker Comp 8" Sub mounted where the OE sub was
Sound Ordnance M1350 Amp
Factory Tweeters are the only stereo component left

February brought a transmission rebuild and an added trans cooler.


The engine is a stock EZ30D (I swapped in a stock JDM from a Lancaster 6 with 200k km less due to lifter noise from the OE engine. Its was quicker.)

Here is the list of parts in addition to the stock setup.

Tactrix Openport 2.0 to use with Rom Raider and ECUFlash for remapping the Denso ECM
Innovate Wideband O2 w/gauges x2 (one for each bank)
Innovate EGT w/gauge
Innovate Vacuum/Boost kit with 4 bar MAP
Innovate OT-2 (I also use it with the iPhone app)

Raptor VLLC Water Cooled Supercharger
35mm GReddy BOV with inline adaptor
3.0 SC mounting brackets/bolts, Bosch multigroove serpentine belt; all came from Raptor Superchargers. (I did have to modify the support bracket that mounts to the cylinder head to make clearance for #3 injector harness. I just shaved off about 10 mm in a soft arc at the base to allow for the harness to have a little "wiggle" room.)

6 - Denso 410cc Fuel Injector Part Number: 297-0033 originally installed
Currently 6 DeatschWerks 650cc gas/E85 injectors
6 - NGK 9 ignition plugs (was running heat range 6, runs better and smoother with the 9)
WRX 3 BAR MAP sensor

From Silicone Intakes/Frozen Boost:

2 x 2.5" Silicone 90° Elbow, Black (SIL000033)
1 x Stainless Steel Joiner, 3.25" (JOI000115)
1 x 3.0" Silicone 2' Straight Hose, Black (SIL000046)
4 x Stainless Steel Joiner, 3.0" (JOI000114)
1 x 3.0" Silicone 90° Elbow, Black (SIL000036)
1 x 3.25" Silicone 90° Elbow, Black (SIL000414)
6 x T-Bolt Clamp for 3.0" Silicone Parts (CLA000104)
3 x T-Bolt Clamp for 3.25" Silicone Parts (CLA000108)
10 x T-Bolt Clamp for 2.5" Silicone Parts (CLA000102)
1 x Foam Style Air Filter - red, 3" inlet (AIR002017)
1 x Silicone Reducer, 3.25" to 3.0" - Black (SIL000523)
1 x 2.5" Silicone 2' Straight Hose, Black (SIL000042)
2 x 2.5" Silicone 45° Elbow, Black (SIL000024)
2 x 2.5" Silicone 60° Elbow, Black (SIL000197)
4 x Stainless Steel Joiner, 2.5" (JOI000112)
(some of these items ended up not getting used, not much; the foam air filter was used to filter air prior to full hook up when I needed to run the engine and it was "dusty" in the shop due to winds)

Water to Air Intercooler Kit:
Remote Filler Cap
Radiator (Type 114) With 7" Fan
Pump Type Rule 401FC
Intercooler (Type 13)

WeaponR coolant resevoir with top and bottom feeds for the SC cooler - EBay store
12V WATER PRESSURE DIAPHRAGM PUMP - 4.3 L/MIN - for the SC cooling with a 7 x 10 cooler.

Deatsch Werks DW300 fuel pump. (I first installed a DW200, but stepped up thinking the flow was too low. The DW200 could've been sufficient, but with what we are seeing now, its "iffy". This engine wants fuel and lots of it.)

Aeromotive 13301 Fuel Pressure Regulator with all the fittings and mount bracket. (Got this from a local performance shop, Austin Performance)
2002 Impreza 3 gauge pod A-pillar - modified to fit and painted to match OE trim
Several feet of 3/4" and 3/8" rubber hose for the coolers including a few feet of 16 ga wire and toggle switches for the pumps and added fan and a lot of vacuum hose.

A lot of miscellaneous parts here and there to finish out details.

The exhaust was fitted with 2.5" pipe from the heads to collectors and 2.75" piping from the collectors rearward with two 6.2L rated catalytic converters, one 24" glass pack mounted just behind the trans, and a high flow Magna muffler at the bumper where the original was. Flow and quiet low tone sound. It currently has a "Y" pipe at the rear diff and straight pipes out the back.

Currently, the suspension is 01 Legacy KYB struts with the Outback springs for a 1.75" drop and 18X8+45 Motegi F77 rims and 245/45/18 Nankang AS radials.
Both rear lower control arms replaced
OE rear sway links
Front rear lower arm bushings
Rear differential bushings are temporarily repaired with Window Weld and holding up great.

Headlights were converted to Legacy single bulb assemblies with RetroFitLightsource Mini H1 Projectors.

Transmission saw 7 rebuilds until the builder stopped goofing it. It now has a RatioTek shift kit installed and is holding up so far. (at time of post, about 5k miles)

All the ECM tuning was performed by Ed @ XTreme Racing Tuning and followed up by Ed @ Fast Performance Tuning then a dyno timing tune at PTP in Austin.

Whiteline 22mm RSB and Front Strut Bar

All the mechanical, electrical and interior installations were performed by me with exception to the exhaust and transmission work.

As of today, 291.75 whp/245 lb ft and 0-60 times in low 7s (last I checked prior to current ROM)

And finally, one Escort 8500 X50 radar detector.

Several videos of the car are up on You Tube. Just click > CARDOCM.

Dyno Day


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I don't think anyone can top yours, Cardoc :). You could win "Ride of the decade"!

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Give me another year. Another $5K to $10K and all I'll be able to achieve is another bolt-up ricer. Not that custom Monster. Not that it is going to stop me. Can anyone spare $10K ?

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Ya got my vote ;-)

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Might be ride of the decade anyway, given how infrequently this thread gets bumped. Pretty sure Autoguide is a ghost ship at this point.

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This is mine. What you see in the picture is what is done to it lol


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I've got an 00 O/B bone stock.

It's lived it's life in the "Frozen Tundra" of Northern and NE Wisconsin. It's survived three deer hits and one drunk driver in a gas station(took out the front held on with zip ties and metal duct tape). It also has a 7 year old SOA battery which still works fine.

It's had the oil changed with whatever is on sale(including many gallons of Supertech) in the appropriate grade every 5-7K miles and a hodge podge of name brand oil filters(including the dreaded FRAM). I put some new ignition wires on it about 2 years ago 'cause the old ones looked ugly and changed the plugs (NGK)twice. I've gone through two passenger side axles and one drivers side. The timing belt has been changed twice, the water pump once and never touched the seals. The front washer only works if the rear one is used also. It's got two broken lugs, and a tendancy to burn out the passenger side H/L at a ratio of 2:1 over the drivers. It has two rust holes on the rear quarter about the side of a quarter which are "fixed" with duct tape. also has 256K miles on it, only burns about 1/2 quart of oil every 5-7k and still gets about 25-27 MPG(depending on season/snow/warm up time etc...). It's gotten me(and now my daughter) through everything mother nature has thown at it here and laughed. I'd jump in it and drive it anywhere. Not high performance but highly reliable, safe and unbeatable in the snow/ice.


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Not sure if this even is running or has died again. However, I'll post this to see whats cooking.

This is all I have to offer right now. Not pictured is the factory hood deflector). I might have some other better pics to offer later on when I take a drive from TN to Upstate NY later.


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heres mine does it count just bought it 2 weeks ago!

Subaru dealer says its a limited H6 LLbean VDC!
LL Bean yes, VDC no. The VDC equipped models have "VDC" on the front fenders where the "LL Bean" emblem is. The H6 is an excellent engine. Make sure everything is caught up with maintenance.

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LL Bean yes, VDC no. The VDC equipped models have "VDC" on the front fenders where the "LL Bean" emblem is. The H6 is an excellent engine. Make sure everything is caught up with maintenance.
Its got a VDC "off" button and a McIntosh Head unit. = some nice person grabbed up some Bean trim labels and stuck them in, no 2 tone seats. I was looking for a shot from under the dash of the VDC system but did not find one.

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08 stroker outback xt

2008 outback XT stroker build
Hello after many years I am joining the Outback community and am please to introduce my pride and joy. This car is still a work in progress
Manley 83 mm billet stroker crank.
Crower I beam rods
JE pistons
Cosworth 278-274 cams
Super tech 70lb valve train
ARP head studs
Cosworth head gasket
Moroso oil pan/ motul oil 15/50 summer and 5/40 winter
Crawford AOS
MSI fuel rails with upgraded fuel lines
AVO fuel pump
Tomi fuel pressure regulator
PE 800cc injectors currently being swapped to ID 1000 cc because of issues
3 port boost control
Blouch 20g XT turbo
AVO top mount
Perrin equal length headers
Up pipe
Cobb cat less down pipe
Spt dual exhaust
SPT cold air intake
Koyo radiator
Grim speed light weight pulley
Optima red top

Stage two slotted rotors
Hawk pads
Good-ridge steal Bradded lines
Motul break fluid

Once these burn out I will be upgrading to a big break kit front and rear most likely either Brembo or Stop tech

Suspension- a work in progress
White line front and rear sways with end links
Avo under body brace kit front and rear
Avo steering rack bushings
Avo control arm bushings
Sti tops hats front and rear
New but stock springs and KYB gr2
I am considering dropping it soon but still need to figure out what will be best for me. Being at stock ride height I have the distinct advantage of being able to mash anywhere and every were with no regard. This includes being able to run over zombies.

Rally tech full skid plate
Rally innovations light bar
PIAA lights

Stock 17" powder coated with Sumitomo HRT A/S P01 235-50-17 winter
Tenzo r sport 18" with Michelin pilot super sport 245-45-18 summer

Kart boy short thro shifter with bushings
Act hd clutch with fly wheel
Stock 5 speed. I know it's crazy
Once the tranny blows I will either do a full six speed swap with 180 diff or helical PPG set.

I'm sure I left a few things out but this is the bulk of it

When originally tuned the car put down 350whp and 355lbs on crap 91 Octane at 19 psi. I swear I would tell 91 octane to got to **** but I don't think satan could make much power with it either. With my current injector issue it is suffering and so I am swapping in ID 1000 cc injectors and doing a retune in a couple of days. Thanks for all of your posts and knowledge to the Outback community. Any feed back or comments are appreciated as I have lots more to learn and still have a ways to go on my build particularly on breaks, drive train and suspension. I will update this post pictures after the new tune. Peace my brothers

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