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Thanks for the feedback

Hey John,
I work for a PR firm that represents Road Warrior Sports, so plenty of bias here!
Appreciate your feedback on a couple of missing features - you're the first to mention internal tie downs and a metal bumper, but both are good ideas. Adding bikes to the rack does make it less aerodynamic, but still a heckuva lot less resistance that throwing them on the roof of the car. We've taken test drives behind a Volvo (I know, sorry!) comparing mileage and the impact has been less than 1 mpg without bikes and just over that with them. Obviously, individual results will vary.
The trailer was just launched in Jan. of this year, and really Subarus are the vehicle the company was envisioning through the design process. In fact, we built one up a month or two ago for promotional purposes in a great Subaru red.
Check us out on facebook ( and twitter ( for updates. We're working with some Subaru dealerships in a few markets to get trailers in the showrooms, so we'll keep this forum posted.
Also, we'd love to hear any suggestions/feedback you've got. You can post here or email me at astrickland [at]

Thank you.
Hi. I'm really interested in buying this trailer in white. I can find pictures, but none of the links go anywhere. Any suggestions? Any help you could give would be really appreciated. (Please reply to messenger - Thank you, Linda Symboluk)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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