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2006 Outback Wagon 2.5i, 5sp Manual
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The whining noise is back. Why does this recur?

My '06 Outback 2.5i MT (94,000 miles) is making a continuous whining noise that is most noticeable at highway speeds. The noise varies with vehicle speed, regardless of which gear I'm in, or if I'm in neutral. It also becomes louder when I put the car in neutral and then pull the shifter to the left or right (as if I'm about to put it in gear).

These are the exact same symptoms I had almost two years ago (May 2011, odo=75,000 miles), and the dealer's service invoice said this:
"Removed transmission and inspect found 3 failed roller bearings (front and rear transfer drive roller bearings and output shaft transfer driven roller bearings) and need to be replaced. Replaced the 3 roller bearings and rechecked all ok. C322-226 (.3) B323-001 (3.0) C322-228 (.6) RIH20"
At the time, the dealer did this work under warranty and the noise went away. Since then, I've gone 5,000 miles past the limit on my extended warranty. I noticed the noise came back about a month ago.

If anyone is familiar with this issue, here are my questions:

  1. If it's the same problem as last time, what causes this problem, in general?
  2. Assuming the first repair was done correctly, why would the problem recur? Maintenance? Design flaw? Driving style? (My wife primarily drives this car.) Can I prevent this from happening again in 2 years?
  3. Given how recently the first repair was done, is it reasonable for me to expect the dealer/Subaru to absorb some or all of the cost? (Unfortunately, I've moved and changed dealers since the first repair.)
Thanks advance for any advice on this.
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