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I bought a used 2007 outback a few months ago (not from a Subaru dealership) and the week after I drove it off the lot the CEL and CC light came on. The engine was idling very rough so I took it into a local Subaru shop and they said it was the Catalytic Converter, along with several other things. They replaced all the wiring, flushed and replenished all fluids, replaced spark plugs (basically the 90,000 mile tune-up). I don't have the money to replace the catalytic converter. After all of this was done, the engine runs smoother but but still idles extremely rough from time to time. This happens generally when the engine is hot, after driving for extended periods. The CEL and CC light come on every two or three weeks now. Another shop is reading a misfire code coming from cylinder 2, but can determine what is actually wrong. Any suggestions? I don't have the misfire codes. The car runs fine aside from the rough idle. O2 sensor? Ignition coil? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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