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So a running light on the body(vs the door) went out.

I think they are 2825 bulbs.....i think...or 192....I dont know...

Either way....not to bad to change them out

2 plastic screw type things on each side(unscrew a little then pull out). Then of coarse the clips. I broke the same one on each side while removing(oh well went back in just fine). Then 10mm/ phillips head screws. Use a socket wrench to remove. they are really on there due to them using a socket wrench. Use a socket wrench!! Then remove the whole light housing by pulling it....hmmm....directly backwards....backwards as in tail pipe backwards....dont stand by the gas tank filler and pull.....:29:
Then turn the little gray thingy holding the burnt out light bulb.....Then remove light bulb.....Then put in the new light bulb....then do it all again but backwards. Then replace the other light bulb....why? Because its probably getting ready to burn out(mine was).

Anywho.... I bought some LED's to replace them. :gasp:

The LED light are ALMOST a perfect brightness match. maybe 3-5% LESS bright.:eek:

Remember....these are running light for the love of god....there are a total of 4 on the back. 95-97% of the brightness is fine in my book.

If you look from the back at cannot tell the difference between the LED's and the stock. Good enough for me.

These are what I purchased. (cost as much as regular stock replacement bulbs)

My reasons for going LED.....bulb life....period. I most likely never have to worry about changing then again. i have 49000 miles on my 2010 and im sure i wont have to worry about them now until i have 250,000 or until i want brighter if that ever happens. blah blah

Anywho.....if you are looking for a brighter bulb....them arent the droids you want. but they work for a close to stock look and will last a looooong time....i hope. When i have another running light burn out, i will buy another pair.

BTW My running light likely burned out due to me being on alot of bumpy "roads". So I would not expect 50,000 miles is a magic bulb life number or anything.

1-10 on difficulty....if you dont have a 10mm socket, borrow one

With socket- 2 out of 10 due to the little clips
Without socket- 3 out of 10 due to the bolts being on there pretty tight(i stripped one using the phillips, then I went and got the socket wrench set. MUCH easier)

Alright people, have a great day and year

Oh and of coarse....I dont not know the seller...blah blah....and if yours are less then 95% the brightness....send them back i guess. I am just showing you what I bought. They work for me, might not for you. Dont message telling me they arent bright enough! :) lol
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