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2005 2.5 OBXTL
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Hey guys, I've gone through some previous threads but haven't found anything for the '05+ with the huge double sunroof. I was at the beach and stupidly had my sunroof cracked at first. I got some sand in the rails that the interior cover, and the glass slide on... which is making a terrible grinding/scraping noise now, as well as likely scratching the system itself. I've done my best to take my compressor and blow out the rails, I've also used a q-tip and cleaner to get as much of the sand out of the rails as I can physically see, then I re-lubricated it with a silicone spray I have, but there's still sand way back in the rear-portion.

Does anyone know of any better methods of cleaning out the rails and sand and/or has anyone had to remove the ceiling panel and sunroof glass before? Thanks!
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