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I've spent considerable time with the search engine but...

2007 OBW. Bone stock.

Recently (like, four months ago) the RR stop/run light ceased making lumens. Tripped on down to parts store and got package of new Phillips Silver or whatever bulbs. At same time LR marker light was cold so I replaced them, too.

I had noticed many newer cars do not like having only one corner changed at a time so I replaced both rear marker light bulbs and both stop/run bulbs.

Couple months ago I noticed that now the LR stop/run was not operating. Grrr.

I delayed a bit and noticed that the non-op light would sometimes be the LR, sometimes the RR, sometimes both, sometimes run function only, sometimes stop and sometimes nothing at all.

Then when I finally opened up the housings, I found that the bulbs were dandy fine, but were VERY touchy in the sockets. In other words, they would work fine if the bulb was JUST right in the socket and I held my tongue between my third and fourth molars on the left side. Otherwise, no love. Sometimes just slapping the housing would make a bulb come on.

In all this the only dependable stop light I now have is the CHMSL and the only rear illumination are the turn lamps and the marker lights (which have thankfully been good so far).

So. My question is several-fold:

1) Is there a special proceedure for replacing the lamps I may have messed up? I just R&R the lamps as the OM had no info and there did not seem to be any odd clips or such.
2) Anyone else have this issue?
3) Could it be my sockets or just a bad run of bulbs?
4) Should I start chasing grounds?

I intend to try new bulbs again before pulling out my hair.

Thank goodness Nevada cops are halfway lenient. Of course if it were my headlight I'd get pulled over in an instant... just my luck.

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Thanks Plain...

Turns out I'm a dope.

The bulbs were not in all the way. I was not couragous enough to really shove so they did not lock in place.

When I bought new bulbs (again) I noticed the ones "installed" has some of the base still showing. So I shoved.

Yup, they clicked in place and worked fine. So I removed them and put in the new bulbs "just because."

So the answer was #1. The special instruction is to shove hard until no more base shows and they audibly click into place.

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