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Hey hey everyone. Buster here!
Just a fairly young guy who's bounced around with various cars and is now trying my luck with a Subaru. The 2015 Legacy Premium to be specific.
Got it used with low miles and so far I'm definitely enjoying it. The service guys took great care of me so I'm feeling pretty good about the car.
Currently there are zero (known) mods on the car, but I plan on doing a few simple things to the car.

First thing on my list is some sort of Push-to-Start or similar system that will allow me to start the car with keys (or at least key fob) in my pocket.
Also towards the top of the list replacing the previously removed PZEV badge as well as the center console tray.
Clear white LED interior lights.
Wireless Phone Charger
Upgrade infotainment center with Infotainment center w/ Navigation
New professional Paint Job / or Wrap
Replacing the interior seats with leather
Dual Exhausts - I like an A-symmetrical look

I'm sure I'll be adding more to this list soon

Why Subaru? Well Florida is very flat, but it rains fairly often here and I take a few trips north throughout the year. I want control in the rain as well as I'd rather not rent a snow-rated car when I travel north.
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