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Seperating Engine Halves - Difficulty

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Hey Guys,

I searched and couldn't find this issue, everyone just talks about how they pulled apart the engine and saw..blah blah.

I am doing a rebuild on a 00 outback (EJ25) and have got down to the point where I want to seperate the halves of my engine.

Can the halves be seperated with pistons still attached to the camshaft (ie do they slide out the internal side of the block). I can get good seperation of the halves but cannot get any further. The book I have says to open the hex key access port and (presumably) unbolt the connection rods (though it does not explicitly say what you do once the access ports are open).

I was trying to avoid buying the massive hex key.

Any tips I would appreciate.

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yes, have to separate pistons from the connecting rods in order to split the block halves...or at least that's the preferred way. i've separated them before other ways...involving pieces everywhere, LOL

pull that hex port open and pull the wrist pins....don't know another way.

you can pull it partially apart...a few inches or so before the pistons catch. i've never tried to pull it as far apart as possibly and access bolts that way..between the case halves...??

here you can see the bearing surfaces for the crank and how they are in the way of the piston coming through internally:
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