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I'm new to this but I need some help. I have a 2011 Subaru Outback.

This morning after driving for about an hour in stop and go Seattle traffic, I got to a stop light and my car started shaking or vibrating. Once the light turned green I turned and began driving and the vehicle dynamics control warning light came on and then the red brake light flashed. I checked my parking brake and it was off. I only had to drive about 1 min to my parking garage and by the time I got there the brake light had gone off but the vehicle dynamics control warning light was still on.
I'll go back down in a few hours and start the car to see if the light is still on but does anyone know why it would do this. I have not had any work done on it. The shaking scared me the most.
Thanks for the help! Since I'm a girl I like to do a little research so I know what I'm talking about before having to take it in. ;)
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