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I have an '08 Outback and the shifter suddenly got stuck in park while out running errands. Reflecting back, in addition just before this happened I noticed my ABS warning light and Vehicle Dynamics Control indicator light did not turn off while driving, which is supposed to and typically does.

Immediate override solution for the shifter is to use the Shift Lock Release. If you have your owner's manual you can easily find it in there. If not, here is how to release the shifter. Set the parking brake and have the engine stopped. Use a flat head screwdriver or whatever you can find that is similar to remove the cover that looks almost like a half moon on the shifter panel. Insert the screwdriver or again whatever you can find into the hole (I used the knife on a multi-tool). Push down and move the shifter from "P" to "N". Remove the screwdriver, push the brake, and start the engine. Don't forget to turn off your parking brake before you start driving :).

As soon as you can check your brake lights. If they are not working it is likely a blown brake light fuse that is preventing your car from shifting out of park, as they are connected.

Replacing the fuse worked and the ABS and VDS warning lights turned off immediately too. Simple fix! Yeah!


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plain old stuff here ,
happy this was not a post from someone stuck in a parking lot, with no owners manual on them. :smile2:
(lots of threads start like that ).

a whole myriad of reasons for such a car to get stuck in park though.
(sometimes not enough battery power and it needs a jump, or a busted brake light bulb).
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