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Forums like this are an amazing resource, particularly for Subaru's where there's a wealth of highly experienced and technical, DIY types doing Subaru stuff.

Get used to posting symptoms and check engine light CODES here and we'll tell you how to proceed before taking the car in.

What code are you getting?

Probably cylinder misfire since he changed the plugs..but I'm just guessing- give us the exact code. If that's the case he should have replaced the spark plugs with OEM NGK's only and the spark plug wires as well with Subaru wires.

The instrument clusters it's almost unheard of to fail so you better check.

So far nothing you've listed is that big of a deal, any 10+ year old car with that many miles is going to need some maintenance. you can get lucky and get one immaculate that does you well but that's not the average.

besides headgasket issues that car is well equipped to take you to 250,000 miles if you can get through these repairs.

yes - you'll want an ebay timing belt kit - they're about $160 - $200 for timing belt, pulleys, and new tensioner. replace all that and 250,000 miles here you come (headgasket issues notwithstanding)

I purchased my first Subaru this past June. It is a 2000 Outback Wagon automatic. So far I have loved this car except for the poor gas mileage. About 10 days ago my ck engine light came on and I took it in to my mech and he replaced the radiator hose and changed the engine plugs. The next day the ck engine light came back on and I took it in again. The alternator was making a racket and they said the bearing was bad and they replaced the alternator as the bearing couldn't just be changed. A couple days later the ck engine light came back on and I took it back in. They replaced one of the fuel injectors hoping that was it. The next day the ck engine light came back on and the temp gage went up to HOT. Limped it in and it was the temp gage. Am wondering if there is anyone who has had a multitude of problems with this particular model. Wondering if I should sell it and cut my loses before I spend more money. It has 173,000 miles on it and not sure when the timing belt was changed so am going to need that ASAP. Mech said it looks fine but it makes me nervous as I don't want it to break and loose everything.
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