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I do believe you got fleeced. Maybe through ignorance or purpose. What were the codes? The same code every time?

Plugs, maybe. Depends on the condition they were in.

The injector failure odds are so high its ridiculous. Change it to see if it fixes it? Really? That's what DVOMs are made for.

Temp gauge? NO. Sensor, yes. Thermostat stuck, yes. Gauge, no.

Alternator. I've seen alternators go bad and bearings make noise. Okay.

Either you have multiple issues due to poor maintenance, or they are related.

Hose could have been visibly poor. If it was a misfire code, the plugs could have been worn, but it apparently came back because he changed an injector. Did he check the fuel filter? The gauge spikes, but did the engine run hot? Alternator failure also? Bad grounds on the engine or a bad battery is a possibility. Poor ground or battery effects alternator performance, can cause misfires due to slow operation of the ECM or sensors and outputs utilized in running the engine and transmission. Temp gauge, also electrical, could be a bad ground or failed temp sender. If the engine actually ran hot, then it needs a thermostat or the "mechanic" didn't get the system bled of all the air when he changed the hose.

More often than not, problems with these cars stem from two things: Poor maintenance and overlooking the real issue which is oftentimes something simple. When ignored, that's when it turns ugly. Chasing an issue also makes things worse, on your bank account.

So, find another shop with good technicians, regardless of keeping this car or getting another. Buying used is a gamble you take. Including the next one.

Me, I'd repair it, keep up maintenance and drive it. Proper care and it will outlast a lot of other vehicles.
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