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Side light confusion/problem

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Hello. Sorry I'm a bit new at this.

I have a 2004 Subaru Outback

My turn signal started flashing quickly. Not sure which light is causing the problem. It's on the drivers side front. I replaced the top siide bulb which i think is the turn signal bulb. I replaced the bulb below it too (I don't know what that's called) and that won't light up and the upper turn signal still flashes fast.

I can't find a a diagram (other than a wiring one) which names the component parts of the light fixtures (turn signal, headlamp. fog lamp, side light). So I might be calling things by their wrong names.

Don't want to take it to the garage if it's a simple fix - just need to know where to start. i think I have eliminated it being a bulb issue so what should I try replacing next?

Thanks for any advice.

Sorry if this is confusing.
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You have the two bulbs in front. The lower is on with the park lights and headlamps. It will flash with the signals in time with the top bulb which is only a turn signal. Then you have the back bulb above the brake lamp behind the yellow lens.

If one of the bulbs on the same side of the car is out or has a bad connection, it causes the flasher circuit to double the flash to get your attention that a bulb is causing an open in the circuit.

Recheck your bulbs front and back. Check the plugs; clean and tight.
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