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Since when did exhaust gaskets get so pricey?!?

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I replaced two exhaust gaskets on my 2000 Legacy Outback Limited; the flat gasket where the two exhaust manifolds meet the single pipe and the donut aft of the rear cat. $54 at O'Reilly's for both. Major sticker shock! What precious metal is used to make the donut gasket?!?
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Can be found much cheaper on Amazon or Rockauto.
Agreed AWDFTW, but I guess I had to pay the extra price for getting them "now"; couldn't keep the car out of service. The price to pay for poor planning...
Feel ya. I'm listening to Mal, who should have a nice H6 sound that is not obnoxious, do his best fart can impression until a nice envelope shows in the mail. Bloody exhaust leaks.
Now a check engine light. Code P0113 (intake air temp sensor). O'Reilly wants $102 for the sensor, Rock Auto wants $52. Yeah, I can wait this time!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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