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SiriusXM Premium Free Trial - weird: channels disappearing

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I'm on my 3rd week with my new 2023 OBP....and something weird's happening with SiriusXM. Today, I noticed that the 'tuning wheel' on the display is omitting many channels. I can tune to channels 1-11, but missing are 12, 15, and 16 (PopRocks, Mosaic, and The Blend). Some channels in the 20's - 90's are missing, and it seems like hit or miss. I like listening to sports talk sometimes, and I can't find 80 (ESPN), 83 (FoxSports), or 86 (NBA Radio). What's really weird is that ALL channels were available until yesterday. I had programmed a few (like 80 ESPN) to favorite buttons, and those, I can still select with the favorite button, even though it doesn't come up on the tuning wheel. Also, if I try "Direct Tuning", some digits get greyed out for channels I can't get. If I input a "1", then the "2", "5", and "6" keys are all greyed out, preventing me from choosing channel 12, 15, or 16 - the ones I mentioned above. I have NOT registered my SiriusXM radio at all since driving off the lot, intending to enjoy 4 month free, then adding it to my account which has my other 2 cars. But has this happened to anyone else where channels start to "disappear" off the dial?? I've never had this issue with my 2011 Outback or my wife's 2013 Buick Enclave. Any suggestions?
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SXM updates their channel allocations from time to time. If you have an account you can go on the website, or call them up and have them re-provision your receiver. Being in the car at the time helps.
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