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2010 Outback (2 of them), both Green, one with 240,000 miles, the other with 115,000 miles.
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My son and high mileage (235,000) Outback are at U of U. The Outback needs timing belts and is showing the indications (darkening of coolant, unexplained coolant loss, minor overheat once) of needing head gaskets.

I've talked with Mark Miller and Nate Wade dealerships. Neither set off any of my alarms when I talked to them, but neither gave me the warm fuzzy feeling I have with my local deal (Burlington Suby) all the way back here in Vermont.

I've searched Google and this forum for pertinent (and current) answers, but found no conclusions. I am wondering if any one with recent Salt Lake experience has objective feedback good or bad about where to send my car.

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