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I know I cant be the only one to be in this position. I'm doing my first HG job on an EJ25D. I know cars, but nothing about rebuilding engines, let alone subbie's. So along the way many things have been learned (the point of DIY for me)

I tore down to the short block and in the process there are small amounts of dirt as well as gasket remover in places I do not like. I tried to stuff rags in every hole that I did not want something getting into before I started working, but things still managed to get in there. I dont see it necessary to split the block, its not that bad.

How can I "rinse" the block? I'm most worried about the cooling and oil ports that are visible with the heads off. Compressed air only did so much. How can I be sure there is nothing inside the ports that may end up being harmful? I do have the engine on a stand; can I rotate it so the cyl I want to clean is pointing down then spray the heck out of it with something? What kind of something?

Thanks guys
1 - 3 of 3 Posts